Friday, September 11, 2009

Cast of Characters

September, 2009

Midnight Dancer is a 23-year-old black Egyptian Arab gelding. His back is long for an Arabian, and with age, has swayed considerably. He still enjoys trail rides, though, and is as spirited—and opinionated—as ever. His owner recently started his own business and no longer has the time to visit Midnight every day, like he used to, and offered to let me care for him. This was a surprising and very welcome development! I spend time with Midnight five days a week. He has taught me so much!

Galahad is a 3-year-old quarterhorse gelding rescued with a group of other horses from a ranch where one animal had already died of starvation. In spite of such a rocky start to life, he is sweet and mellow and affectionate. When I adopted him recently, he had no training other than accepting a halter and lifting his feet for the farrier.

These two will appear here by their own names, as will a few of their friends. Others, as well as the people involved, will have their names and some circumstances changed to protect privacy.

Update, December 2010. Nevada is a rescued filly whom we have adopted. Her mother is a branded BLM mustang, and her father an Appaloosa-Quarter Horse cross. She's not even three, though our trainer has ridden her a time or two. She is sweet, inquisitive, and trusting of humans, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that she was never handled at all until a few months ago. Her entire life was spent running wild with her little herd on a farm whose owner, in his eighties, had forgotten he had horses. They had plenty of food and water; all she needed when she was rescued was worming and a good hoof trim.

Note: the photos used in this blog are my own, unless otherwise noted. Photos of me, if no photographer is specified, are by DLKama. If you copy any of these photos, please give proper credit. Thanks!

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