Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Update on Mags

My friend's horse Mags is still hanging on, so to speak, over in Columbia. The latest report is that he's off the sedation but maintaining his calm mood. He'still suspended, and will be for another month. They're only x-raying once in a while, so they don't yet know how the leg is healing, but it's looking more hopeful because he's not fighting the treatment.

He'll never be ridable again, but my friends are building a lovely and well-equipped barn for Mags and their other horses on their new property, where he can retire there when he comes home from the vet school. Fingers crossed, Mags.

[Note: In the end, Mags didn't make it. One day, a week or so after this note, he shifted his weight too fast and too energetically, and re-fractured the leg beyond saving. The vet school summoned his owners, and they were there, holding Mags's head, when he passed on. R.I.P, good boy.]

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