Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Wonderful Morning at the Barn, Part One

Yesterday’s horse morning was really fun. I decided to ride Midnight instead of Galahad, having realized that green horse + novice rider + great outdoors = accident in the making.

I had to go get Midnight from the field. The footing out there is horrific—even worse than fetlock-deep mud is fetlock-deep mud whose holes and clods are frozen rock-hard. He’s always happy to come out with me, but I had to go all the way out to get him, because the herd leaders won’t allow him near the gate at that time of day. I cleared them with a few flicks of the lead rope as we got close.

Midnight is such a good little trail horse. He loves it out there. He had to trot a lot to keep up with the two gaited horses, but did it with no urging from me. I always worry about his back, when what I probably should be worried about is my own back, as jarring as that trot of his is! You can’t really post to it, and can’t really sit it, so you just laugh, try a little of both, and pray he doesn’t keep it up for too long.

We all had a blast. It wasn’t a long ride, though the horses would gladly have gone on for hours. We humans had frozen toes and fingers in no time.

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