Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grazing games

An interesting working session with Galahad this morning. Ground work first—we worked on the squeeze game, and on turns and sidestepping. He performed quite well and willingly. A couple of times he got confused, but once he figured out what I wanted (the problems were caused by my mis-cues, not his resistance), he did just what I asked. After that I took him out briefly to graze.

He still challenges my authority, even on a day when he seems happy to do what he’s asked. Today, the challenge was subtle, and came while he was eating grass: the same old “the best piece of clover is right under your foot” game. He was pretty persistent about it, to the point where I had to wiggle my foot against his teeth to get him to back off. No way was I going to give up my space!

Poor Galahad. He tries so hard to be Top Horse. But that’s his job: the herd has to test the leader, because they can’t “afford” a leader who isn’t the strongest horse among them.

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