Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on Raja

Raja has gone to live in a horse paradise here on earth. His owner retired him, a couple of weeks ago, to a friend's farm about 50 miles west of here.

This place, by all reports, couldn't be better for the old guy. There is real grass, shade in the daytime, shelter at night and in the winter, and playmates: several other elderly horses and a few cows.

I talked with him a lot about those cows before he left, assuring him that he would like them very much. That was before I knew there were also horses there.

Since Raja was pretty much only eating grass anyway, and ate as much of it as we would give him, I'm certain he'll be very happy--and probably gain back a lot of his weight.

His owner reports that after two weeks he seems to be doing fine and enjoying himself. The folks out there told her he's been seen "prancing around," which is more like the Raja of old. I'm very pleased, and very hopeful that he'll fool us all and live a long and happy life after all. Blessings, old friend!

Further update, 31 August 2010. Raja's owner told me over the weekend that Raja has finally passed on. Though he was seemingly happy and doing well, one morning they looked out into the pasture to find Raja stretched out where he had died in his sleep. I guess it was just his time.

The wonderful people who had adopted my old friend buried him near the top of a hill out in the pasture. It's a lovely resting place for him. Sleep well, sweet friend.

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