Monday, October 3, 2011

Sir Galahad the Good

Galahad continues to astonish me.

He's been chosen as a "poster child" for a local organization, and yesterday was the video session out at the barn. Three solid hours of "Stand over there, please." "Can you say all that again?" "Can you get him to come up and nuzzle you while you're talking?" "Can he walk by in the background?" "Can we do that one again?" "Can you show us your regular morning routine?" "Can we show him frolicking with his friends?"

Galahad never turned a hair after the first five minutes. Five minutes? That was what it took him to get used to the video camera, the cameraman, the strange, umbrella-like lighted thing, the close proximity of the house (where he's never been before), the sound of the rattling equipment case.

What impressed me the most was that he was obviously nervous about all of it at first, but he just kept looking to me for reassurance and guidance. He trusts me that much! It made me feel wonderful, knowing that our relationship is so solid that he's willing to endure some pretty scary stuff if I tell him it's OK.

He only had one worrisome moment, when he snorted and backed away. That was the time I turned his lead rope over to someone he wasn't used to. He didn't actually do anything, but it was obvious that he was NOT OK with the idea of anyone but me calling the shots where he was concerned!

After the video crew left, Galahad had one more chore to perform: our friend had brought her two little boys, ages 7 and 8 or thereabouts, out to see the horses. Galahad, who has never had a little boy on his back, let alone two at once, gave a "pony" ride and was a perfect gentleman.

He wasn't too sure about the whole thing, but with the mom on one side, another adult on the other side, and me leading, he walked quietly. Even with the boys playing "one, two, three...WHOA!" amid gales of giggles and squirms, he stopped quietly or just kept moving when I told him to, calmly and gently.

What a guy! He's this good at five years old--he's going to be amazing when he's ten! A real jewel....

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