Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Visit With Galahad

I thought this only happened in fairy tales or Disney movies, but it really does seem that this horse chose me to be his special person. Not only did he stick his head through the fence and fall asleep against my chest the first time we met, but today, when I went with a bunch of other folks to bring the horses in from the pasture, he walked right over to me. Not to the other people, whom he knows much better, but to me, without my saying a single word to him.

It was an amazing feeling. I clipped the lead rope onto his halter and led him back to his stall in an indescribable state somewhere between joy and awe.


He arrives at his new barn on Tuesday--the rescue facility will deliver him early in the morning. From then on, he's mine for keeps. I don't think that's sunk in quite yet.

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