Saturday, October 10, 2009

Galahad is home!

Galahad arrived early Tuesday morning, trailered in by the director of the rescue ranch fifty miles away, in the midst of a thunderstorm. He was nervous, but stepped out of the trailer quietly and stood in the arena while we signed papers. Then the director drove away and I was left holding the lead rope of my very own horse.

Since Tuesday, life has changed. I have spent my days with him, my nights dreaming about him. His sheer physical presence is astonishing; the responsibility for caring for this loving, friendly, and beautiful animal and turning him into a safe and respectful companion feels, at times, overwhelming. But Galahad is the most willing horse I can imagine--he seems, truly, to want to do what I ask. Despite his young age, he's not particularly flighty or willful, and once he figures out what I'm trying to get him to do, he does it eagerly.

So our new life together has begun.

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