Friday, April 23, 2010

Training and Re-Training

A good day with Galahad. Since he’s been seeing the chiropractor, he’s been feeling so much better that I swear he acts like a different horse.

Not that he’s been bucking, just that he’s been stubborn, acting like he’s never heard of such a thing as stepping over to a wall or a bench so that someone can get on him. And what’s this about standing still at a mounting block? Or flexing his neck when asked? He apparently never heard of those, either.

So we worked, last night and today, for what seemed like hours on those very basic skills. Oddly, even though you’d think I’d be frustrated and annoyed by his bad-boy attitude, I wasn’t. Instead, I found it oddly satisfying to work him back through those basics, slowly, one step at a time.

He’s teaching me patience, among other things.

I came back out from the lunchroom this noon and looked at him—he is so beautiful I almost can’t believe it. How lucky I am!

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