Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Horsin' around

I had to share these photos. It's Galahad and a new friend of his--also a rescued horse--having fun yesterday. They're within a few months of each other--both just under four years old--so they have tons of energy. It's beautiful to watch them play, but also pretty terrifying when you think about the power of these animals.

It was snowing, but that didn't seem to bother the horses one bit. Galahad spent quite a bit of time racing back and forth the length of the pasture: over, around the "goal post" (one of the other, older horses, who just stood calmly and watched him go by), and back the other way. Far from being worn out, he proceeded to harrass several other horses until he finally got his new friend to play.

I love watching these guys. It's worth standing out in the pasture on a cold and blustery afternoon.

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